Moon Cat Needle Minder SET

Regular price $12.00

This listing is for a magical needle minder set featuring BOTH Artemis and Luna from Sailor Moon! I am pretty sure that they are more than qualified to guard your needles from the forces of evil.

These minders both measure about 1.75" wide and are shown pictured on a 3" embroidery hoop.

To use, simply slide the two magnets apart, place the top of your minder on the front of your project and place the second magnet underneath your project. No need to stab your fabric or loose your favorite needle ever again!

You can also use your minder to hold your pattern to your fabric or even as an everyday fridge magnet between your projects.

***These magnets are very strong and are a choking hazard. Please be sure to keep them away from pets, children and any electronics.***

Have fun stitching in style! :)