I'm new to cross stitch. Where can I find the information I need to start stitching?

You can find the stitchy information you need right here! All of my Cross Stitch PDF patterns include a materials / DMC thread list of the necessary items, fundamental cross stitch techniques, instructions, and tips to get you going! The complete cross stitch kits available in my shop also include all of the physical materials you will need to stitch up your next project!

Are these patterns suitable for beginners?

The listings for all of my patterns include information on the level of difficulty for that specific project. I consider all of my patterns to be in the beginner-to-intermediate range. Some of the patterns may include a bit of "advanced" stitches, BUT DON'T LET THAT SCARE YOU! My instructions include information on how to conquer those "advanced" stitches. I promise, they're not as scary as you may think! ;)

How will I know when a new pattern is out? 

Give Grandma Girl a follow on Instagram @grandmagirldesigns for the latest stitches and sign up for our newsletter to be notified about exclusive discounts, promotions and free patterns - no spam here, just stitchy fun!

What will the size of my finished cross stitch project be?

The finished size of your cross stitch project depends on the fabric count you will be stitching on. All of my patterns come with a recommendation for aida color/size, but you can stitch on whichever fabric you'd like! Check out Yarn Tree's stitch calculator to determine the finished size of your piece and how much fabric you'll need. https://www.yarntree.com/java/xstitchcal.htm


What happens when I buy a PDF from you?

PDFs are delivered directly via email once your payment has been successfully processed. Downloads are limited, so PLEASE download and save each PDF for future reference.

Each PDF includes a black and white pattern, a full-color pattern and instructions for cross stitching. You can read the PDF from your portable device or print it out to take it with you.

Can I sell a finished stitch or share the patterns with my family/friends?


Well...No. :-/ When you purchase any patterns from my shop you understand and agree that they are intended for personal use only and you may not stitch up/redistribute my patterns online, at cons, at flea markets, out of your front yard, etc. Please understand that these designs came from my heart and skull and by you selIing my work as your own, you are taking potential income from Grandma Girl (and Grandma Girl's got bills to pay and mouths to feed, y'all!). BUT! I completely encourage stitching up my patterns as a fun gift to yourself, your friends, your neighbor's sister's dog, etc.! Sharing pictures of your project's progress or completion is welcomed and encouraged! Please provide credit to Grandma Girl Designs (Instagram @grandmagirldesigns). THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING! <3


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